Augment Your Recruitment Reality

With the success of Pokémon Go, the whole world seems to be buzzing about Augmented Reality. So how could the recruitment industry and employers leverage this?

Interviewing Millennials: One Question to Ask Millennial Candidates

Use this in an interview to help separate the top tier Millennial talent from subpar Millennial talent.


The First Pontoon Employment Index Measures Employer Demand; Increased Complexity and Evolution in Contingent Labor Market.

Reading Between the Lines

As recruiters it is our responsibility to dig into a candidate’s qualifications to get the most detail as possible while only asking a few key questions.

Should recruiting be outsourced?

Today, there is a vendor for every component of HR and even vendors that will manage the entire department. The decision to outsource usually starts with a problem to solve. A company may not be able to scale fast enough, costs may be an issue or they may be lacking the right talent.

Diversity Drives Innovation in the Workplace

Diverse companies are 15 percent more likely to outperform their non-diverse competition. Why? Innovation. It isn’t just a product of top talent; there is a strong connection between multicultural individuals and their diverse thoughts. At every level, a company must have an open mind and welcome a work environment that is inclusive of many types of people and new ideas.

What Happened in May’s U.S. Job Report?

How come it was considered “disappointing” if unemployment rates are at record lows?

Networking: Quality not Quantity

In business it’s important to network – both with your company peers and with outsiders. Many people claim they don’t have time to network or think they know enough people already. You should never stop networking because you never know whom you will meet.