Augment Your Recruitment Reality

With the success of Pokémon Go, the whole world seems to be buzzing about Augmented Reality. So how could the recruitment industry and employers leverage this?

Some companies think they have found the answer by developing their own recruitment orientated augmented reality apps. We are already seeing apps where candidates scan a code and a 3-D interactive video appears; featuring interview tips, available jobs, and a way for candidates to register their interest.

However, companies could go much further than this. For example, this technology would lend itself brilliantly to a future talent programme careers event.  A company could have attendees download the app at the start of the day, lead them through various departments and booths and as their phone camera hovers over each section, candidates would see information about the role, the team, and steps to take to get a job in the area, This content could then be delivered in any way you chose. 

The app would link the candidate to the hiring process, providing times of availability for hiring managers to meet with prospective candidates, application forms, and even include an “apply now” button as they prepare to mail their CVs through to the teams.

For the prospective candidates it would give them an interactive and personal, digital experience when first interacting with the employer. As the company owning the app, it gives the employer volumes of data on potential applicants, including their career interests, and highlights areas of the business that future talent is less attracted to.  It would allow employers to tailor their selection process, and ensure that candidates get a better experience; by attending the interviews with the teams they are genuinely interested. In joining, the hiring managers also get the candidates who are most interested in joining their Business Unit, which would help with securing the candidates and their longer-term retention. This more targeted audience will help save time for both candidates and potential employers.

Candidates can then engage with the selection progress by tracking performance at assessments and potential employers can provide feedback in real time. The ability to engage via video-links and online chat rooms with the managers could be exploited at any stage of the process.

Augmented Reality could be the next big thing in the future of talent strategy, as the candidate population becomes increasingly digitally orientated. Until then, we’ll keep using it to catch cartoon monsters.


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