Do People Even Read My Job Advert?!

Everyone who has worked in recruitment knows what it’s like when advertising jobs: either there are too many unsuitable applicants or not enough applicants at all! As recruiters, we need to take responsibility and realise part of the problem may be simply that our job advertising may not be up to speed with current technology, or sharp enough to get through to our candidates. Recruiters strive for candidates to read all of the job advert, not just some of it.

We can achieve this goal in two ways:

Go Mobile

Total Jobs states that ‘50% of their applications are from mobile devices,’ and employers who have adopted “mobile friendly” templates have seen a significant increase in applications. Gorkana Jobs has seen an uplift of 30% in applications since they optimised their site for mobile devices. In short, if we aren’t optimising our advertising to be digested on the go via mobiles and tablets, then we are missing out on up to 50% of the candidate population.  The development of this is largely dependent on the sites themselves upgrading to become mobile-friendly, but we can also help stylise our adverts to support this change. So, before signing off on any advert we need to start thinking ‘how is this going to look on a phone or tablet?’

Get to the Point

Candidates are spending less time reading and digesting information contained within job posts and are only absorbing a few short sentences of any advert. A study by the Nielsen Group, highlighted that candidates now tend to skim read adverts and emails, and the only areas they give any considerable amount of time to at all are the initial copy, headlines and imagery. With this in mind it is important for recruiters to focus the first paragraph on the main points of the job role and push company and team information to the end. LinkedIn echoes this approach with their InMail; their data found that InMail with more characters received fewer responses.  As a reaction to their findings they installed a red-amber-green system that appears while typing, to keep you within their word-response ratios. 

With these two aforementioned factors in mind, we need to ensure that our recruitment adverts contain enough of our client’s key requirements, incentives and duties to entice applications, but aren’t so wordy that candidates lose interest. However, shortening our advertisements in this manner leaves some gaps in our candidate’s ability to understand a role, and get a firm buy-in for the role in which they apply. This is where we as recruiters need to step in and fill that breach, with our knowledge of our clients, the individual roles we are working on, and the wider sector. This will ensure candidates become enthusiastic about our client’s offering, can perform at interviews, and stay engaged all the way through the hiring process to successful on-boarding. 



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