Home Builders – Implementing your program at Pontoon

Author: Nichole Milne, Implementation Project Manager, Pontoon

The methodology to implementing your program at Pontoon is the consistent foundation applied to all our partnerships. For us, this essential part of our process underpins the program, and represents a unique offering in the market. For any business looking to create a talent solution you need to ensure the successful transition from contract signature to steady state delivery. To do so you must ensure you invest time and resource in the Implementation phase, when moving to an outsourced solution. This is true whether that solution be a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Total Talent solution..
Not every business stakeholder has tangible experience of a talent solution Implementation, so it might be best explained through the analogy of building a house, from purchase to move in ready.

You have identified your plot and purchased the land (selected Pontoon), but the house needs to be built and decorated (Implementation and go-live), before you can move in and live there (steady state). As with building a house and moving in, the more investment and organisation you dedicate to it, the smoother the whole process. You probably also want to make sure the house is decorated in a way that is in keeping with your style, including all the functionality you need for a happy home. It’s the same with an outsourced solution.

At Pontoon, we pride ourselves on being excellent ‘Implementers’ (architects, builders, estate agents, movers, packers, designers and decorators). The process is refined and seamless, having been built on years of global experience across industry sectors, we follow our proprietary Implementation process, utilizing on a variety of project methodologies which best fit our client.

Our six-phased approach seamlessly links programs from the close of the sale to becoming operational and optimising beyond. With a team of over 40 dedicated staff across 10 countries, our size and scope means we are not only consistent across the world, but can work locally with in-region experts. At Pontoon, we look to tailor to every client to ensure we meet our collective program goals, work within company culture, and achieve the unique requirements of every individual country a program operates in. For us the size and scale of the solution is not a factor when it comes to the importance of Implementation. Whether we are delivering a small expansion of an existing program, (for example to expand an MSP operating in one country to include services procurement), or a total talent solution in 119 countries across five continents, we follow the same consistent approach, revising only the timeline according to the size of the task at hand.

The six phases within the methodology are; Initiate, Assess, Design, Construct, Deploy, and Close. Each phase ends with a tollgate where all parties (you, Pontoon and our technology partner/s if applicable) sign off on all key deliverables to ensure we remain on track and aligned. The Implementation team works closely with all our internal function and workstream specialists; sales, solutions design, back office, the in-house technology teams (also using proprietary technologies) to ensure a holistic approach, which gives you direct access to expert knowledge and unrivalled industry expertise.

There are many benefits to laying a thorough foundation for your program’s home and investing in Implementation, but three in particular stand out. Firstly compliance. Every country in the world has nuances to the requirements of local labour law, regulations and employment customs. This is very important to get right in Asia where laws and customs are particularly complex and diverse. Investing the time and effort during Implementation to setup accordingly will give you a much more compliant and ultimately successful program.

Secondly, you will achieve program steady state quicker; by properly investing in its setup, your program will be achieving the goals and targets you set out to achieve much faster.
Finally, you will have long term stability. Just like a house, well-built programs are made to last. They also deliver consistently and naturally evolve better through natural or required changes and expansions of scope or scale..

When moving to an outsourced solution, invest in the Implementation process. Building and implementing your solution is a partnership. Working together produces a solution which seamlessly blends to your organisation’s culture, achieves your program’s goals, and delivers for you over and over again.


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