Permanent Talent Solutions vs. Traditional Perm Recruitment – The Key Differences


In the second part of our series, we examine Permanent Talent Solutions, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, another key aspect of the Total Talent spectrum.

There are many different variants of permanent talent solutions and of course organizations don’t have to transfer part or all of their permanent recruitment to an external provider. In some cases, the scope is to help with peak periods of demand, source hard-to-fill roles or support particular stages of the recruitment process. It can also be used to to construct a Talent Acquisition function, in order to stabilize and transition back to the client organization after a period of time.

That said, many misconceptions exist about the fundamentals of the full outsourcing model. So how can an RPO differ from the type of permanent recruitment that a staffing agency would predominantly deal with? Let’s look at this in more detail.

A completely different ball game…

RPO is a business strategy; recruitment overall is a core business imperative. And of course, filling vacancies is a part of the deal – whether an organization is outsourcing part or all of its recruitment to an external provider – but unlike the work of traditional recruitment or staffing agencies, it goes much deeper than that.

An RPO provider will transform and streamline an organization’s recruitment process, placing the candidate experience at the heart of everything it does; using proven methodologies to optimize the talent acquisition strategy and align it with the long term business objectives of the organization.

Saving you time and money…

If you’re an organization looking to source volume and  hard-to-find vacancies, you don’t want to be dealing with hundreds of agencies on your supplier list. You want your HR and business functions to be able to lean into a solution that locks seamlessly into your organizational structure, enhancing their respective productivity and support. As your sole partner, an RPO provider has the market knowledge, supplier and candidate relationships to take care of all your talent needs.

Access to more diverse talent…

Sourcing capabilities and outreach are also much improved given the expertise that the RPO provider has in identifying and engaging with talent across different roles and industries. Cutting-edge technologies help to target candidates more effectively using a mix of strategies, including talent mapping and mobile recruitment. An RPO can build talent communities to ensure a pipeline of ready-now talent and proactively interact with them to build loyalty long before they walk through an organization’s door.

With an emphasis on quality…

Recruitment isn’t just about filling seats. Organizations want the best people for their roles. An RPO can take care of the whole recruitment cycle, from initial contact to interviewing and employee on-boarding. Candidates are carefully vetted through a refined screening process– you know that you’re hiring people with the right background, experience and fit.

And a better all-round experience…

If organizations want to be seen as employers of choice, they must provide an efficient yet engaging recruitment experience. They must understand the uniqueness of each talent community and their different engagement styles.  By seamlessly embedding itself into its partner organization, an RPO partner can ensure they engage with all candidates in the best way and that those candidates are left with a positive impression of your brand.

If you’re looking for strategic workforce impact and to maximize the return on your talent investment, partnering with an RPO could be right for you. An Aberdeen Group report found that of the 200 companies that had pursued RPO solutions, 77% would recommend them to their peers.

It does depend on your specific circumstances, but as we’ve highlighted the benefits are both quantitative and qualitative. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. 

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