Tailoring the Recruitment Approach with Automation Pt 2: Factors and Strategies to Consider


In our initial blog post, Pontoon COO Mike Drolet discussed how each organization is unique and will have different processes that automation can solve.

All organizations, however, have fundamental factors – such as geography, industry, size and culture as well as the organization’s goals and technology readiness – that will drive how automation fits within their framework.

Locale most certainly matters. Aidan Kelly, senior consultant at Pontoon, highlights his perspective from Europe. “At a tech savvy organization in Germany, automated interviews would likely have alienated applicants with candidates lost to the process,” he says. “And there’s a Worker’s Council that mandates data protection with CVs.” Local legislation and regulations will dictate what is and is not possible with automation and we have to be keen to those boundaries.

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Author: Mike Drolet



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