Win4Youth Activity across borders

With the weather getting better and better in Western Europe these days, we took the opportunity and went on a biking tour in the Netherlands with colleagues from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany. All in all, we were a group of 40 colleagues collecting kilometers for a good cause: #Win4Youth.

On Friday, June 12th, we all met in Nijmegen, a beautiful city in the Netherlands (population: approx. 170,000 people) just off the German border. Our 25 kilometer route took us through parts of the city, along picturesque streets and through lush nature. With team games such as Yenga (aka Jenga), skill games and musical performances throughout the day, we ended the outing by enjoying a BBQ near a bathing pond.

Thanks to organizers and participants, we had an amazing day!

Watch highlights of our sunny team excursion here.

Pictures of our 25 km bike ride are also available on our Facebook page.

If you have pictures to add, please feel free to contact us, comments can be left below.