Case Study

Preparing a Global Insurance Company’s Workforce for Future Skills



The rise of digital skills in financial services

“In the white-collar world, we’ve seen the rapid rise of specialized and technical skills that require almost constant upskilling and reskilling to keep pace with innovation”

Jake Schwartz, Founder/CEO of General Assembly

With only 3% of banks intending to significantly increase their investment in reskilling over the course of the next three years, and over half of digital talent in the space saying they likely will gravitate towards organizations that offer better digital skills development – the gap between what financial organizations are planning to offer and what the talent in this space is seeking is large.

Financial organizations that put upskilling and reskilling as a key investment will see great returns in both employee attraction and engagement as well as being able to drive the transformations needed in this sector over the coming years.

Our client, BNP Paribas Cardif, has realized this and therefore is making a major investment in this space, partnering with Pontoon’s sister company of General Assembly to prepare their workforce for the future skills needed.


Our Approach 

Training of 1,200 people over the next 5 years 

“By supporting the career growth of our staff we help them acquire the in-demand skills of tomorrow and equip them to make an active contribution to the company’s transformation”

Renaud Dumora, CEO BNP Paribas Cardif

The team at General Assembly partnered with BNP and focused on 3 main objectives in order to give the teams the future skills needed to contribute to the company’s overall transformation:

  • Implementing Skill Up – an academy for upskilling and reskilling 1,000 staff members in key future skills
  • Insights on future skills – helped BNP prepare their Future of Work strategy through insights about future skills coming from the GA team
  • Opening a new campus – GA will be opening a new campus in Paris in 2019 to support directly the growing needs for BNP Paribas

The courses offered to Paribas employees have included data, tech and UX key concepts which have been tailored for the BNP team and their industry helping them realize and obtain skills on how to win customers and partners through digital channels as well as techniques and tools to make insurance products delightful for their users.


Client Results

A high impact solution for the company 

“Not only are the satisfaction rate scores excellent, but the measurement of skills before and after shows the high impact of the GA courses on our employees”

Nathalie Dore, Chief Digital & Acceleration Officer BNP Paribas Cardif

6 months into supporting Cardif’s transformation objectives the GA solution has delivered:

  • 100 employees, including 50 members of the Exco IFS acculturated with data, tech and UX key concepts
  • 75 employees upskilled with skills to win customers and partners through digital channels and building products that users love
  • 20 employees reskilled with UX tools and techniques to make insurance products delightful for users.