Case Study

Talent Management at its Finest

Food is more than fuel; its complexity reaches multiple levels of the human experience from cultural to religious. The truth is you cannot live without it.

When the world’s largest independent provider of airline catering and provisioning services caters 250 million meals a year to more than 250 customers across the globe, their recruitment process solution is important to millions of people.

You may be one of them.

From finding a new pool of quality talent to improving their brand as an employer, Gate Gourmet’s recruitment challenges drove them to seek an RPO partner that could offer a tailored recruiting approach. Their in-house recruitment process was inefficient, lacked the ability to adjust to cyclical staffing needs and did not have the capacity to drive a large candidate pool. Gate Gourmet needed an RPO solution that could be replicated across various markets and handle a high volume of candidates.

As a trusted partner, Pontoon’s client-focused solution included the following elements:

  • 120-day Pilot program at O’Hare International Airport – Gate Gourmet manages 1,750 union employees, Chicago only
  • Customized recruitment process and selected the best technology for a fully automated program
  • Targeted social media campaign that helps build brand awareness, engages untapped markets, attracts appropriate candidates and establishes a bench of warm candidates ready and available for new opportunities
  • Company profile and professional job videos
  • Enable access through an SMS, QR or short URL code sent via a mobile link
  • Ability to submit application online, once video is reviewed and share with a friend
  • Loop, a mobile application
    • Leverage mobile application when a formal application is not available (i.e. job fair, college recruiting, etc.)
    • Capture basic candidate data without requiring them to specify a position type
    • Feed data automatically into our Candidate Relationship Management tool, Avature

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