We find the best talent for our clients so it is in our DNA that we focus on attracting and retaining the best of the best in the industry. We celebrate and embody four core principles; Play Collective, Be a Warrior, Be a Game Changer and Be a Growth Hacker.

Play Collective

Working together as one team gives us the power to lead our industry. Playing collective means trusting each other, supporting each other and sharing information.  It is an attitude.  It is at our core.


Adaptation and reaction to change is a key differentiator of our evolving market. The mission of a ‘Pontoon Warrior’ is to ensure the fusion of lean process and technology. Being a warrior gives you the opportunity to take risks and think outside the box.

Game Changer

Each of us has a role to play in our success.  A ‘Pontoon Game Changer’ means being held accountable for what you deliver and what we do.

Growth Hacker

Everyone at Pontoon has client obsession. By living with our customers to truly understand their values and ambitions, we are able to architect the solutions they need.

Join the team

At Pontoon,  you have an opportunity to lead with your ideas. Champion the sort of thinking that can transform the world of work. There is a strong sense of community here. While we are all united by the same passion, it is our diversity that makes us strong. It is how we challenge one another and grow.

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Meet Our People

We aim to hire and keep the best people at Pontoon. To do this we create an environment where they can grow and flourish, with our four values in mind; we focus on driving growth, taking risks, always evolving and innovating and above all else, we play collectively.

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It’s been 2 wonderful years with Pontoon now and it is been filled with learning and growing within the organization. Together we work as a team to make Pontoon a great company with strong core values. Pontoon DNA fosters entrepreneurship. We are encouraged to work in a way that allows us to maximize our efficiencies and become great in our role. In all the situations, you are challenged to evaluate and re-think your approach and to make that happen. You are given the opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and from a career-perspective, and I am continuously gaining new skills and learning, which is extremely fulfilling. We all thrive every day to provide great experience to our clients. There is an incredible amount of opportunity in this company. I would recommend Pontoon to all of my friends and family, and I look forward to a long and successful career here!

Vishal Kumar Choubey Director – Program Management

Working for Pontoon is something that brings a positive energy to me each and single day. The people I have a distinct pleasure to work with make the atmosphere so enjoyable and I always feel we are here all together and we drive the business to the right direction. I really love being given an opportunity to take part in some projects where I can put my skills in use same as develop in some areas. The freedom and flexibility in my daily work I treat as a great benefit from my company.

Liwia Kielbasa (Recruitment Coordinator)

I’ve taken complete ownership of a designated unit and ensured fulfilment between Hiring Managers and Supplier Partners. The partnership with our customer brings a culture of trust, empowerment and job security. Personally, the program helps me to have work life balance, empowers my introversion and keeps my wealth building goals in sight.

Rowell Abadiano – Manila