Partnering with VMS provider VNDLY to drive enhanced MSP programme

Partnering with VMS provider VNDLY to drive enhanced MSP programme


Working in partnership to enable a scalable MSP solution

Our customer, an American electric vehicle automaker and automotive technology company, was struggling with the scalability of their contingent worker operations. The incumbent provider’s delivery wasn’t satisfactory, and our client decided to search the market for a trusted partner who could build an efficient MSP engine. In addition, the VMS technology used at the time lacked essential integration features and presented ongoing configuration issues.

The client chose Pontoon because we are like-minded organisations focused on innovation and continuous improvement. They needed a clear roadmap of how we plan to take their so-far transactional MSP to a technology-enabled MSP 2.0, and that’s exactly what our team provided. Pontoon proved a trusted partner, ready to drive the client’s global expansion.

VNDLY, a Workday company, was chosen as the VMS provider because the customer needed a reliable and agile tool that offers an intuitive interface and a great user experience. The client’s legacy VMS technology could not fully integrate with the Workday HCM solution and lacked functionalities for capturing their entire non-employee workforce. VNDLY and Workday together deliver a comprehensive solution that allows customers to source and manage their total workforce with a unified approach.

In cooperation with VNDLY, we enabled a smooth setup of the MSP operations and are now continuing a successful delivery.

The challenge

Ensuring the enhanced MSP runs smoothly

The challenge was to guide and execute a painless transition and ensure that we eliminate delivery gaps left by the previous provider. We worked closely with the VNDLY team to ensure a best-in-class set-up that fully met our customer’s needs.

The transition involved 400 contingent workers managed by the customer’s incumbent provider and additional 200 workers reclassified from SOW to staff augmentation. We also onboarded further 300 workers who were not managed through the previous MSP.

How we helped

A fully integrated implementation that led to a successful go-live

Pontoon’s team kicked off the implementation in December 2021, with the planned go-live of May 2022.

Our team created ten workstreams to ensure all key transition areas were adequately covered, including Process, Technology and Change & Communication. We designed a meeting cadence to discuss progress and address potential risks and issues before they became a concern. This cadence included a minimum of weekly calls with each workstream. Representatives from the customer, VNDLY and Pontoon attended all these catch-ups to keep a finger on the pulse at every touchpoint.

Our colleagues at VNDLY worked closely with Pontoon’s team to ensure a successful go-live. We met regularly during the Design, Construct and Deploy phases to fully align on optimising the configuration of VNDLY’s VMS per the customer’s needs. The Design phase was crucial for adapting VNDLY to fit the client’s requirements and align with their processes and tools. Integration with Workday’s HCM solution was essential to ensure the customer received a seamless management experience. VNDLY enabled their native Workday connectors to create one platform to plan, manage, and analyse the client’s entire workforce. We had daily calls during the platform’s testing to review potential errors and solve them right away.

Pontoon’s MSP service went live successfully as planned, fully supported by VNDLY. Our programme team and VMS tech support team are fully trained in VNDLY and the customer’s end-to-end processes. VNDLY’s easy-to-configure platform allows the VMS tech support team to self-service when changes need to be made. The VMS tech support team also continuously engages with VNDLY directly to resolve issues and address potential system enhancements.


Building a reliable delivery engine

Pontoon revamped the customer’s legacy MSP programme to enable a scalable delivery that addresses all client needs, fully supported by VNDLY’s industry-leading VMS technology.

In partnership with VNDLY, we simplified processes, enhanced workflows and reduced admin tasks, improving user experience and ensuring painless delivery. VNDLY enabled an integrated approach to managing all types of workers, which powered up Pontoon’s holistic talent strategy. With VNDLY in place, we can efficiently source and manage the entire extended workforce, supporting the client with demand planning and providing complete visibility into labour costs. In addition, VNDLY enforces compliance and drives security across the end-to-end MSP programme without slowing down our client’s operations.

The customer can now rely on a trusted partnership from providers with infrastructure and know-how to expertly support a global MSP programme. Together, we can quickly solve immediate talent gaps and build fluid talent pipelines to cover evolving business needs.

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