Creative MSP Solutions for an IT Services Company



Our client, a top ten IT services firm, provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services.

The client has contingent program contracts with hundreds of end customers. Speed to submit was a concern and with a substantial number of MSAs and SLAs to maintain, the client needed support with compliance as well. They needed overall insight and guidance around their complex contingent worker program.

Our Approach


As the MSP partner servicing so many different end-clients, Pontoon developed a solution that allowed us to be agile and innovative. We built teams specialised in high-volume end clients, on-boarding, and auditing.

These teams have assigned team members, specific supplier groupings, and VMS automated pipelines. They are then able to build creative solutions specific to their end-client, rather than trying to implement a one-size-fits-all solution for the entire client community. The teams often pilot their creative solutions, and if successful it is rolled out to other end-clients when applicable. Piloted solutions have included sourcing solutions, job fairs, and interviewing programs. As speed to submit was a concern, the teams identified key and consistent skill sets and created talent pools within the VMS. Because of the smaller supplier groupings and their understanding of the end client, the supplier partners are committed to replenishing the talent pipeline and removing candidates that are no longer available.

To address compliance, our dedicated on-boarding and audit teams built an extensive matrix process to ensure that all new hires adhere to the MSA of the specific end-client. Background checks, drug tests, and new hire paperwork are all catered to the exact customer. Pontoon independently audits new workers each quarter, and our client audits our records on a quarterly basis as well. Since launch, Pontoon has never failed an audit.

Lastly, in an environment so complex and rich with different contracts and metrics, Pontoon recognised the need to train several team members on Lean Six Sigma methodologies. To date, the program has 4 green belt certified and 1 black belt certified team members, with plans to train more individuals. This training allows our team to remove redundancies and create efficient and innovative processes. Our team has become more agile and creative with client designs and pilots.

Client Results


As a result of these measures, we have cut our client’s time to fill metric (request created to offer accepted) by 50% – from 16 days to 8 days within our team portfolio. Our client is no longer losing to competition due to speed to submit. This reduction was endorsed by the creative solutions for end clients, dedicated supply and program teams, and skills forecasting.

Because of Pontoon’s efficient and streamlined processes, the client was able to reduce their internal management team supporting the Contingent Worker program and redeploy them to other parts of their business that needed more attention.

In a short period of time, we have gained our client’s trust, innovated their hiring processes, and mitigated risks with full compliance throughout the program.