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Deploying MSP Direct for quick access to quality talent


Scope expansion that led to enhanced service delivery

Pontoon had operated a strong MSP programme for our customer in the UK, and they expanded our scope with US contingent roles.

Our experts consulted the customer and deployed Pontoon’s direct sourcing model – MSP Direct – for the expanded remit.

The challenge

Enabling faster access to talent

The challenge was to design a direct sourcing model that seamlessly integrates with our customer’s contingent hiring. We proposed MSP Direct which would accelerate time-to-fill while reducing the agency spend and ultimately saving on our customer’s bottom line.

How we helped

Plugging in MSP Direct for fast and quality hiring

We leveraged sourcers, screeners and a recruiter in our Toledo Customer Hub to support candidate attraction, sourcing, and screening.

Our sourcers tailored specific candidate outreach strategies to tap the right pockets of talent, depending on the role requirements and desired seniority. Pontoon Analytics was used to identify real-time talent availability for niche skillsets and quickly approach individuals who matched the role specs.

Once the recruiter reviewed the resumes and identified candidates that matched the roles, a phone conversation was scheduled with our screener and the candidate. If the candidate passed the initial phone screen, they were shortlisted for hiring manager reviews.

The team also developed a talent community for silver-medallist candidates where they curate the known candidates to reengage them for future openings.


Realising benefits of direct sourcing

The team rolled out MSP Direct in July 2020, and within the first six months of deployment, our customer saved $23,483 in recruiting costs. This translated to $1,468 per worker in cost savings compared to traditional supplier-based hiring.

In 2021, we filled 20% of the customer’s requisitions through MSP Direct, resulting in $256,385 annual cost savings.

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