Implementing a Data-Driven RXO Sourcing Solution


A New Talent Partner To Improve Candidate Quality

Our customer, a US compensation services company, struggled with the quality of candidates in the recruitment funnel, high candidate drop-off rates and turnover of employees that were not the right fit.

To accomplish the strategic objective of improving the recruitment process and enhancing talent quality, our customer selected Pontoon as their RXO partner. We stood out from the competition through our in-depth analysis of how the client positioned themselves on job boards. An additional advantage was our targeted sourcing and our approach to persona mapping.

Our Approach

Increasing Applicant Traffic

Pontoon’s experts analysed our customer’s historical applicant data and sourcing efforts. It was clear that their search traffic was low on job boards, and their sourcing strategy was not generating the traction needed to fill the open roles.

Our team created and deployed a customised sourcing strategy that included an automated data mining bot to quickly screen and qualify resumes. Unique clicks on our customer’s jobs jumped by 560% in the first month, followed by a 190% increase in resume submittals.

Six weeks after kicking off the sourcing strategy, we went live with the full RXO solution. Our recruiters and sourcing teams co-built profile personas alongside stakeholders and hiring managers that would be used to identify ideal candidate profiles.

Using these tools and new processes, we filled the first hiring class with top talent faster than ever before. Additionally, this method was used to fill 5 additional classes over the following month.

Client Results

Speedy Delivery Led to Solution Expansion

Pontoon’s experts filled all of our customer’s initial 3-months training classes in just 30 days.

The new program and processes resulted in an average time-to-fill of 8 business days and an overall time-to-hire of 17 business days.

The new candidate experience led by Pontoon resulted in a 25% reduction in candidate attrition.

We have since expanded this partnership to support additional hiring in other business divisions.

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