Pontoon announces the launch of its augmented RPO product, reimagining its offering to create RXO

Pontoon announces the launch of its augmented RPO product, reimagining its offering to create RXO

Pontoon understands that the talent industry of today will not keep up with the way of working tomorrow. With customer centricity at its core, Pontoon’s solution has been rebuilt with one major goal at its center, that is to enhance experience.

RXO is much more than a name change, it is the culmination of significant work with infrastructure investment and brand alignment which Pontoon President Corinne Ripocheoutlines:

“We started the journey into experience and customer centricity last year and we are delighted to now bring our full solution to market. We have invested heavily in a new technology stack, an enhanced analytics package and most importantly our people, to bring a truly unique offering to a crowded marketplace. We believe that recruitment is much more than just process and we are excited to share this principle with all of our customers”

Some of the investments referenced include – investment in digital automation technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, upskilling and reskilling Pontoon’s global workforce with Six Sigma and LEAN expertise, expanding the relationship with SocialTalent to enhance training and onboarding of its workforce, adding real-time metrics and performance tracking to their global delivery centers and enhancing the analytics package available to customers to enable live and direct access to reporting along with predictive capabilities.

As part of the RXO solution Pontoon has also integrated a larger suite of clients into their Target Operating Model (TOM) methodology, assessed and strengthened its existing customer base and aligned into a next-gen support structure based on vertical industry segments. This approach now offers unparalleled depth of experience to all consumers which Karin Selfors, Global Segment Head, Consumer Products and Retail explains:

“Our approach now gives us total alignment and ownership of a customer base, enabling us to build tailored solutions which are industry specific. This gives Pontoon a unique opportunity to lead through our market segments with detailed and relevant technology, data and fact based industry insights. Consulting with our clients and co-building a talent strategy that is fit for their future – ensuring that digital and talent acquisition strategy are weaved together is at the core of our RXO solutions.”

Pontoon RXO now delivers over 94,000 placements a year to over 150 clients around the globe and has its cornerstone in four key tenets underpinning customer experience– Enhance, Cultivate, Transform and Integrate.

ENHANCE customer talent brand and strategy with global insight and local knowledge.
CULTIVATE talent pools and pipelines- ensuring talent is future ready.
TRANSFORM the hiring experience with the most innovative and impactful solutions in the market.
INTEGRATE advisory partners and leverage external experts to bring the best solution and technology options forward.

For more information on Pontoon’s RXO product please email marketing@pontoonsolutions.com

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