Pontoon Celebrates Earth Day

Blog 23 Apr 2015 . josie littek

On Wednesday, April 22, a group of Pontooners joined the Friendship Gardens’ team to work in the Urban Farm at Garinger High School in Charlotte, NC. Pontoon was able to help plant a variety of vegetables, flowers and fruits for the coming season as well as building a self-sustaining vegetable garden. This vegetable garden allows for compost to be deposited into the center of the garden. The center part will then distribute the nutrients to the plants planted within its walls. Pontoon also donated $1,000 to the Friendship Gardens project to help continue their growth and community outreach.

Friendship Gardens is a network gardening partnerships in the Charlotte area that work with Friendship Trays to provide 750 meals per day to members of the community with limited access to healthy food. Friendship Gardens also offers educational workshops, community connections, and volunteer/leadership opportunities. Learn more about Friendship Gardens at http://friendship-gardens.org/.

We had a great time helping out and hope for a bumper crop this season!

How did you celebrate Earth Day this year?

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