Technology & Communication

Current Talent Landscape  

The need for Technology and Communications professionals is surging across all industries. With new advancements in tech happening every day, the supply of talent is far behind the demand for more workers to fill vacant jobs.

New Technology 

New advances in technology and innovation bring unlimited capabilities for organisations across all industries. The Technology and Communications industry are at the helm guiding these monumental changes and enabling processes, products, and people to envision a new way of operating.  

70% of companies are planning to incorporate AI into their business operations over the next 10 years

Emerging Jobs 

Jobs of the future will look very different from the roles carried out by the workforce today. The way work gets done will be more innovative, more efficient and incorporate new technologies that have yet to be developed.  

“4 out of the top 5 emerging jobs are in Information Technology”

  • Blockchain Developer – 3300% growth
  • Machine Learning Engineering – 1200% 
  • Application Sales Exec – 800%
  • Machine Learning Specialist – 600% 

Future Talent Shortage  

Demand for talent will show no signs of stopping in the coming years. As new jobs emerge there will be a significant deficit in the availability of qualified talent to fulfill those roles. 

“By 2030 there will be a global shortage of 4.3 million workers in Technology and Communication.”

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