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Welcome to the Pontoon Partner information forum. Our aim is to bring together some key people in the staffing industry to share best practices as we navigate the current global COVID-19 outbreak.
Creating your Business continuity plan (BCP)
We are in an unprecedented situation and as such many businesses will need to create or amend a Business Continuity Plan. To support these efforts below is a BCP template based on the Pontoon BCP.  Please note that this is only a template and will need to be adapted to your specific location and business situation.

9 Tips

Example BCP
Staffing impacts
The situation raises questions about remote working policies, sick pay, on boarding and many more.
See below some current insights on these matters.


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Tricks and Tips

Here are some tricks and tips to help you through the current crisis.

Coronavirus on the Edition

BBC Business article

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Case Studies

Take a look at how we have partnered with our clients to create solutions for their contingent workforce.

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Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies