18 Oct

Let’s talk IR35

  • 10:30 am
  • Birmingham
  • United Kingdom

During this IR35 breakfast, we’ll be bringing you up to date with HMRC’s views expressed at the consultation meeting, including the three options they are currently looking at and our expectations on timing. We’ll also discuss the specific issues that we faced when implementing this new IR35 legislation for our public sector clients, and how these might translate to the private sector.

Managing reforms

As you would expect, during the public sector changes, Pontoon introduced a number of contractual routes to minimise the effect on our clients and the supply of high quality contractors. Many of these would be suitable to private sector clients, and your Pontoon team would be happy to discuss these.

Pontoon, along with our service delivery experts, can work with you to design and deliver an SOW solution that meets your business needs for areas where this is a beneficial and fit-for-purpose solution. In this scenario Pontoon becomes the end client and therefore responsible for the IR35 assessment negating the need for our clients to complete the ESS.

Your Pontoon solutions team will support and partner with you to enable effective and robust processes and solutions to be put in place to manage any IR35 reforms that are introduced to the private sector.