Everest Group research reveals that Total Talent is becoming a necessity for businesses

Pontoon, the global leader in total talent solutions, has sponsored an Everest Group report which analyzes the drivers, challenges, financial and business benefits of adopting a total talent approach when making talent or workforce related investment decisions.

As the world of work transforms, economic, social, political and technological changes are gaining pace, the lines between the permanent and contingent workforce are becoming increasingly blurred. Many enterprises are taking a total talent acquisition approach.

“At Pontoon we understand it is more than just blending RPO and MSP solutions, we help organizations to (re)design entire global talent acquisition strategies, and implement processes, technology and partnerships that secure the best results,” said Mike Wachholz, President of Pontoon.

Wachholz added: “The research report highlights the importance of adopting a total talent acquisition strategy, not only because it maximizes organizations’ Return on Investment in talent – a huge investment for most companies – but also because talent acquisition related decisions are an integral part of any business strategy that enables an organization to achieve its objectives”.

The research report defines total talent as ‘a future-ready talent management approach that helps an enterprise achieve maximum ROI on its talent resources through complete alignment with overall business strategies and objectives’.

“In these changing and uncertain times, it is essential that organizations make careful and considered investment decisions, especially where talent is concerned. This research paper highlights models and methods that buyers and service providers should adopt to effectively implement a total talent approach,” commented Arkadev Basak, Practice Director, Everest Group.

Download the full whitepaper here