Pontoon launches supplier performance optimization services

On-demand Insights That Can Shape Talent Sourcing Strategies

Pontoon, the global leader in workforce solutions, today introduced Supplier Performance Optimization (SPO) Services, the first personalized business intelligence platform designed to drive optimization through on-demand analysis.

The platform was developed as a next generation business intelligence system for talent acquisition. Existing systems typically focus on oversight of supplier performance and are often viewed as tools to enable punitive actions. Pontoon’s new SPO Service is the first system that engages suppliers as active participants in collaborative program optimization. Through SPO Services, suppliers will have the capability to optimize their delivery through actionable analysis and benchmark individual performance against competitors and other branches. All analysis is conducted and presented from the supplier’s point of view with the Pontoon SPO Services team – a unique approach in an industry that traditionally addresses suppliers from the employer’s perspective only.

Pontoon’s SPO Service represents a new approach to business intelligence in the talent management industry. Compared to traditional scorecards that provide metrics with limited context, SPO Services’ key features include:

  • Personalized data
  • Supplier-driven exploration
  • In-depth analytics explorations
  • Ability to understand characteristics of candidates that are getting hired
  • Market saturation analytics

“Business intelligence is our clients’ most valuable asset. Pontoon’s SPO Service underscores our commitment to suppliers, providing them with new insights to help them improve their overall performance and strategic decision making within our programs,” said David Pesante, Senior Vice President of Analytics for Pontoon. “After interacting with staffing agencies worldwide, we know that this level of business intelligence can only be achieved with an intimate approach based on personalization and collaboration.”

Henry Suarez, SVP of Analytics at staffing provider Signature Consultants, was a beta-user of SPO Services. He commented, “The SPO tool provides an honest, unbiased view about our performance. The data enables our delivery team to make adjustments, increase efficiency and improve our customer experience.”