Pontoon’s Tech Talent Predictions For 2018

Merging digital expertise and human interaction

Pontoon, the global leader in total talent solutions, reveals its talent acquisition technology predictions that will shape the market for 2018. Based on expert insight from Pontoon’s specialist technology team, the list reflects the top five predicted trends in the talent technology space.

Commenting on the predictions, Pontoon’s President, Corinne Ripoche Van Hecke, said, “The HR technology marketplace is a vast, fast-moving arena, and it’s hard for organizations to digest what’s new and what’s old. As a world leading provider of total talent services, we focus on leveraging the best available tools on the market, continuously tracking hundreds of tech providers, to create custom solutions for our clients that are perfectly suited to their needs.”

“We are proud to be part of The Adecco Group, leveraging its partnerships with innovative, forward-thinking technology companies to create exceptional opportunities for our clients. Recent examples include the Group’s partnership with Mya Systems, the creator of Mya, the AI recruiter, and Microsoft, with whom it has co-created YOSS, a new online freelancer platform. By combining human potential with digital innovation and technological know-how, we enhance the recruitment experience for candidates and clients alike,” added Ripoche Van Hecke.

Pontoon’s top five talent acquisition technology predictions for 2018 are:

  1. “Total Talent” technology stacks

While more and more organizations are taking a “total talent” approach, there is currently no single platform available for total talent solutions. Organizations instead will need to find ways of integrating and layering new technologies into their stacks – technologies that go beyond the ATS, VMS and HRIS solutions in place today.

  1. Artificial intelligence

The big question facing HR leaders interested in deploying AI within their organizations is: “Where do I start?” The first important thing to remember is that AI is not a solution in its own right. Rather, it is a component of a wider technology solution. The second point, as far as we are concerned, is that AI is best deployed not as a replacement for human beings but rather as a means of augmenting their work and enabling them to become more strategic.

  1. Predictive talent analytics

“How can we make our recruitment strategy more proactive?” Our ultimate goal is to use advanced talent analytics to solve a huge range of workforce issues, from understanding pay trends to predicting employee performance.

  1. Advanced process automation

The aim here is to minimize the manual effort that teams expend by automating any elements of the process that are standard and repeatable. At Pontoon, we are continuously evaluating technologies that can automate simple processes, enabling us to maintain the integrity of our clients’ data while freeing up team members to focus on more strategic activities that represent a more valuable use of their time.

  1. Customizing the user experience

There are a number of areas we focus on to help further enhance the user experience. One is “designed experiences”, which can allow users to interact with systems in ways that feel comfortable to them. Another is “alternate interfaces”, where users are separated from backend systems and given immediate and seamless access to the information they need. The aim is to ensure better user experience for everyone, whether that means reconfiguring existing technology or layering new technologies into the stack.

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