Digital RXO: Reinventing Recruitment

Why Digital RXO?

Pontoon’s Digital RXO is a pre-integrated services and technology solution that leverages technology to drive better visibility, improve cycle times, and attract better and more diverse candidates.

Technology is made simple so we can easily adapt to your business needs and today’s ever-changing talent market.

Quicker results
Modern recruitment experience
Analytical framework

Quicker results

Our solution is pre-integrated so you can see results more quickly.

Increased applicant flow, quality, and hiring manager satisfaction are a direct result of improved technology. 

Modern recruitment experience

Empowering candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers with tools they can use on the go improves cycle times, increases efficiency, and makes the recruitment experience easy.


Our technology-driven approach allows you to start small and expand with your business needs and market changes. We can scale our technology and human resources to align your expectations to your business demands.


Analytical framework

An analytical framework is built into our Digital RXO solution to complement human intelligence with our expertise. We do the heavy lifting for you by leveraging data insights to provide market insights to you more quickly.


Better visibility, improved applicant conversion, and diverse candidates are a direct result of intelligent recruitment tools, advanced technology, and data insights within our Digital RXO solution.

Tech-driven solution designed for fast access to quality talent

Digital RXO can deliver recruitment services end-to-end or for a limited scope. Our solution is pre-built to deliver value quickly and in phases. We can prioritise your acute and immediate needs then scale over time.



Improve the candidate experience

With a pre-integrated mobile-responsive application, interview self-scheduling, and candidate match/score, our Digital RXO solution makes the hiring process easy for hiring managers, candidates, and recruiters. 

Quick to value

Our quick deploy recruitment process promises technology support and infrastructure across your candidate tracking and allows for a fulfilling recruitment automation process. 

Quality talent, faster

Time is of the essence in recruitment. Our full-service ATS will automate the manual steps in your recruitment process. This means we can speed up your hires without sacrificing the quality of talent. 

Increase productivity

Pontoon delivers market intelligence and datadriven sourcing strategies to unearth sourcing issues and increase overall efficiency so you can stay ahead of your competitors. 

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