MSP Value Add: Having an MSP Manage your Internship Program

Pontoon manages the contingent workforce and statement of work resources on behalf of our clients, as well as source and recruit direct hires.  Why do we have to stop there? Interns are untapped resources that are the future hiring managers, vice presidents and CEOs for years to come.

Teamwork im Arbeitsalltag

Candidate Market Reaches Plateau

All throughout 2015, the “candidate market” boomed in the staffing industry. Will this trend last forever?

Making Your Mark in 2016

Think of an iconic company brand. How fast did it take for you to think of a company? Wouldn’t it be great to have your boss, colleagues and friends think of you in the same way?

Leveraging Emotional Data in Hiring

Imagine being able to better interpret a candidate’s emotional response to specific interview questions or scenarios. Or better yet, to be able to generate an emotional profile of a candidate to see if s/he aligns with the emotional profile of your company.

Is Tenure a Toss Out?

It is estimated that 21 percent of employees are scheduled to ditch their current role with the start of the new year. Is tenure important to employees anymore, or is it just a toss out?

From Mustangs to MSPs

Innovation transcends industry vertical and it ought to be the centerpiece of your 2016 Business Strategy

When I think of innovation in business, I think of Ford Motor Company in the early 1960s. This team gave us the first generation Ford Mustang – and fifty years on, we’re still buying them… with zeal!

Work Resolutions

Happy New Year! Now that we’ve all had a chance to celebrate and spend time with family, it’s time to get to work!

3 Basics für den Social Media Alltag in Unternehmen

Der Einsatz von Social Media bringt bei richtigem Einsatz viele Vorteile für Unternehmen.

Connecting the Dots: Reporting vs. Analytics

Reporting and analytics go hand-in-hand. Separately, they are bits of information, but together they create a whole picture.