What Is Total Talent?

We see skill sets, not worker classification. By breaking down silos we give you access to the right talent, allowing you to focus on critical business transformation and growth.

Business Intelligence

Pontoon Analytics provides live visibility into what is happening now in your program along with market data and intelligence models focussed on the future. You see what is happening now, while also allowing our expert team to consult on what is to come.


Skills Mix

In a tight labour market undergoing radical digital transformation, static talent pools will no longer deliver the workforce you need. Our sourcing expertise, commitment to automation and lean processes ensure your applicant flow turns into a ‘Talent River’ – consistent, diverse and perfectly matched to your requirements.


We are an integrator of the most cutting edge technologies on the market. Our emerging tech team continuously evaluates and implements new tools and strategies from programmatic advertising to RPA. Being technology agnostic means we can incorporate the best tools in the market to your needs in your Total Talent program.


Total Talent remains a distant objective for many organisations. We have the experience, expertise and vision to bring it into reach and build you a successful Total Talent program based on your unique workforce needs.

Is Total Talent the right solution for you?

Do you have limited visibility of the Total Talent market?

Are you missing efficiencies and cost saving opportunities because your contingent and permanent recruitment strategies are not aligned?

Is your current talent strategy disconnected from your overall business strategy?

Case Studies

Take a look at how we have helped our clients overcome challenges facing their talent management.

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Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies