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Total Talent

Workforce optimisation | Holistic | Integrated | Data-driven 

What Is Total Talent?

We break down silos between worker classification to give you access to the right talent and skillsets.

Business Intelligence

Pontoon Intelligence provides real-time programme data and market intelligence. Live dashboards, talent reports, and our team of advisors are ready to help you make informed decisions backed by data.

Skills Mix

Our sourcing experts pair technology with automation and lean processes to ensure your applicant flow turns into a ‘Talent River’ – consistent, diverse, and perfectly matched to your requirements


Being technology-neutral means we incorporate the best tools in the market and adjust them to your Total Talent programme. Our TechLab is continuously on the hunt to evaluate and implement the best tools and strategies available.


We have the experience, expertise, and vision to make Total Talent a reality based on your unique workforce needs.

Is Total Talent the right solution for you?

Is your talent solution siloed across your business?

Are your contingent and permanent recruitment strategies lacking alignment to work as one?

Is your current talent strategy disconnected from your overall business strategy?


Total Talent

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What is the total talent approach?
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What do talent solution providers do?
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What is talent acquisition screening?
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What is the best total talent approach?

Case Studies

Take a look at how we have helped our clients overcome challenges facing their talent management.

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Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies