How we helped drive customer satisfaction through metric optimisation

How we helped drive customer satisfaction through metric optimisation


A case of ineffectiveness and inconsistency

Our customer, a leader in the technology & communications industry, experienced ineffective workflow and inconsistencies in their supplier performance and engagement.

The challenge

Creating a data driven approach to achieve process and operational excellence

To enable efficiency and drive a better experience for our key stakeholders, our OPEX team engaged to improve our customer’s conditions.

How we helped

Optimisation and understanding user and supplier experience

Our OPEX teams optimised the VMS system to automate some of the manual processes.

By establishing a Quality Management & Escalation Management system they were able to enhance compliance and quality of requisition management.

To understand the user experience on every interaction with MSP and fix inefficient processes, we rolled out a real-time customer satisfaction survey.

We established and tracked a performance management system through scorecards by drilling down programme metrics at the individual level.

Through the creation of rules of engagement for suppliers, we were able to keep them active and engaged throughout the hiring life cycle.


Customer satisfaction

The revamped quality and escalation enhancements paired with real-time customer satisfaction scores led to:

  • Reduced time-to-fill
  • Increased stakeholder engagement
  • A 58% reduction in time-to-hire
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