How we streamlined the recruiting process for a French energy company

How we streamlined the recruiting process for a French energy company


A case of recruiting optimisation

Our customer, a French nuclear energy company, needed to recruit, hire and onboard 300 permanent workers that would support newly acquired projects. Pontoon implemented a modernised recruitment programme in only 12 weeks, focused on alternative sourcing channels and improving the customer experience. The result was a significant reduction in time to fill and a streamlined recruitment process.

The challenge

Hiring in a scarce talent market

Our customer needed to hire 300 in-country employees, including engineers, project managers, and energy specialists. To create hiring efficiency, our approach was to engage passive talent within the existing ATS and leverage alternative recruitment channels to attract new employees. To identify and attract the best talent possible, we had to show the customer an innovative sourcing solution, providing visibility and speed at each stage of the recruitment process.

How we helped

Improved sourcing strategy with RPO

We implemented our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution. A team of four recruitment experts, two onsite resources and two resources based in our Rouen delivery hub, were deployed to optimise the recruiting processes, creating new role briefs and publishing them on local job boards to source candidates.

Using Pontoon recruiters as central contact points, we educated our programme team on the customer’s culture and organisational objectives, helping them screen for fit and qualify interested candidates quickly. We began with an intake session for each role to clearly understand the attributes that hiring managers sought in their workers. Then, we worked with hiring managers to identify the required skills, experience, attitude and education. For each role, a shortlist of three to four candidates was proposed, and cross-interviewing was done to save time. Our after-interview candidate assessment included market insights to align hiring managers’ expectations with candidates’ hard and soft skills.


Streamlined programme with increased conversion rate

We created a more efficient sourcing/communication plan which increased our customer’s brand awareness, with the average number of resumes submitted per requisition going from 5 to 15.

The programme now has a conversion rate of 85% with a five-day reduction in time to fill.

Additionally, an internal action plan that would improve hiring diversity regarding gender and disability status was implemented in collaboration with our customer, yielding positive results since its inception.

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