How we used enhanced client collaboration to support an innovative bot solution

How we used enhanced client collaboration to support an innovative bot solution


A case of coordinated collaboration

Our global banking client needed an automated technology solution to reduce duplication in posting contingent job requisitions while ensuring data integrity between systems. In just six months, through close collaboration with our client and Vendor Management System (VMS) experts, Pontoon’s programme and IT Front Office teams tested and supported our client’s successful launch of an automated bot solution. The results? An improved hiring manager and candidate experience with nearly 1000 client work hours saved annually.

The challenge

Communication between multiple teams and client stakeholders

Our client was working independently to solve an issue of dual job requisition postings. They were also manually inputting contingent requisitions into the bank’s portal system and the VMS. The client wanted to simplify the process by creating and implementing a technology that could evolve with their internal approval process.

Once funding was available, Pontoon was asked to help align our client’s application programming interface bot to the existing VMS by collaborating with key client and VMS stakeholders. We needed to help guarantee effective communication between various systems, ensure data accuracy and user testing, and streamline the process to avoid redundancy. The ultimate goal was to save the client precious time.

How we helped

User testing and coordination of subject matter experts

The coordination of people and enhanced participant communication were crucial to success.

Pontoon’s programme team was brought in to help manage the project, coordinating individual contributors and adhering to ambitious timelines. Leveraging our IT Front Office support and strong relationship with VMS subject matter experts, the team came together to discuss project goals and required resources.

Our dedicated Pontoon IT Front Office and programme teams conducted numerous weekly meetings to collaborate with client and VMS stakeholders, providing consultative and hands-on support. The combined group meticulously synchronised data points, completed thorough concept reviews and helped develop custom-configured mandatory and optional fields based on global location requirements. Additionally, Pontoon assessed and addressed all backend technology risks.

Before the bot go-live, working diligently with the client’s development managers to identify and map bot coding errors, our programme team participated in multiple rounds of user acceptance testing (UAT). Acting in various roles, including candidates, supplier partners and Pontoon programme consultations, the group submitted new requisitions, closed, and recreated job postings and created new work orders. These real-life test case scenarios and resulting insights were invaluable to a successful and on-time project launch.


Time-saving solution to improve client and candidate experience

Our comprehensive approach ensured successful outcomes and seamless functionality for our client’s technology in less than six months. The implementation of the automated solution is estimated to save an average of 1,250 work hours annually. The technology has improved the hiring manager and candidate experience, reducing duplication, simplifying the process, and matching qualified candidate profiles to open job requisitions much faster.

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