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We are our clients’ preferred partner for their HR strategic transformation, acting as a global architect of products that transform the working world.

We deliver Talent Consulting, MSP, RXO and Onsite programs that make our clients’ business fit for future and support them to achieve their strategic targets.

Our teams are dedicated to creating additional value by co-designing recruitment and global HR advanced solutions and experiences with our customers.

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Exploring the why, what and how of total talent acquisition

As the world continues to go through unprecedented social, economic and technological shifts, organizations are having rethink their talent acquisition strategies.

June 15, 2017

Employer Branding: We need a contingency plan

As many others before me have noted, the modern workforce is changing more rapidly than ever. Chief among these changes is the rise of the contingent worker. We need a contingency plan

June 21, 2017

Innovation is Relative

“Innovation is Relative.” That was the title of a presentation given by Vince Albergato at a recent Learning eXchange and an interesting opportunity for companies to look beyond the borders of their own organization, as well as their industry to find new ideas.

May 13, 2015

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