Pontoon Instinct - Procurement & Supply Chain

Tailored procurement consulting services that drive improvement to your bottom line.

Cost reduction strategy & execution

We find creative ways to save on costs without cutting project scope or lowering the quality of output with fewer resources.

Supplier optimisation & strategic sourcing

An optimised supply chain leads to operational efficiencies, such as lower labour costs to operate and manage processes, lower project costs, and efficiencies for hiring managers, MSP and suppliers.

Supply chain risk mitigation

Engaging and managing contingent workers brings a certain level of co-employment risks. We can guide you to reduce risk, ensure compliance and control costs.

Category management

When it comes to dominating the categories in which you compete, you need a strategy that incorporates market realities but also aligns with your organisation’s expertise and goals.

Rate benchmarking

Establishing and offering market-competitive pay rates for a company’s contingent workforce is critically important in order to compete for the best talent in the market.

Contract management

Expert contract management includes the creation, execution, and maintenance of agreements. We can establish your blueprint and provide future  strategies to successfully outsource contract management.

Case Studies and Thought Leadership

Take a look at how we have partnered with our clients to create solutions for their contingent workforce.

Thought Leadership
Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies