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What Is MSP?

Finding the talent you need for your contingent workforce is our top priority. We go beyond filling seats by future-proofing your MSP programme through continuous improvement and innovation.


No one is immune to the current talent shortage and workforce planning challenges that lie ahead.

Our experts break down the silos of contingent sourcing methods and leverage non-traditional talent channels to give you a competitive advantage.


Pontoon supports your workforce planning and capability mapping to meet your business objectives.

You get complete visibility into every step of the contingent hiring, from candidate sourcing to onboarding.


You need the best talent the market has to offer.

Our teams help you decide on the optimal go-to-market strategy, combining the expertise of the supply chain and our direct sourcing resources.


Your strategic labour decisions are supported through our best practices and industry benchmarks.

Pontoon’s strategists ensure we deliver the best contingent talent for your organisation.

Is MSP the right solution for you?

Do you have a decentralised contingent programme with hiring processes that differ per location?

Do you lack visibility into spend and worker tracking?

Do you lack the internal expertise around the risks connected with the contingent workforce?



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Pontoon Direct

Are you ready to activate your talent?

Our Pontoon Direct solution provides a private employer-branded community of vetted candidates ready to work for you.

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Case Studies

Take a look at how we have partnered with our clients to create solutions for their contingent workforce.

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Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies