How we activated the Adecco Group ecosystem to reach new heights for a top airliner

How we activated the Adecco Group ecosystem to reach new heights for a top airliner


A case of Adecco Group ecosystem collaboration

Our customer, a leader in the aviation industry, was aspiring to lift their business post-pandemic.

As airline operations resumed their pace, our customer experienced a rapidly growing need for permanent cabin crew, ground crew, and customer service. They were also looking to fill permanent and contingent IT roles.

To achieve our customer’s MSP KPIs and SLAs and to launch an RXO programme for them, Pontoon teamed up with our sister brands Adecco, Akkodis, and LHH.

Our collaboration with LHH proved to be the strongest differentiator of our solution. Through LHH’s partnership with another aviation leader, we gained access to a specialised talent pool composed of cabin crew.


The challenge

Navigating our airline customer through unprecedented turbulence

Some years ago, we started a partnership with a luxury Middle Eastern airline, bringing our first MSP to the Middle East. Over time we enhanced the programme through strategic efforts, including HMX, design thinking, and a Collaboration Lab which deepened our relationship and strengthened outputs.

The global pandemic upended the aviation industry and the world as we know it. Specifically for our customer, it impacted revenues by €5.5B, a 66% decrease. In the course of a year, spend managed with the contingent labour programme decreased by nearly 40%.

As air travel regained popularity, our customer was not prepared to handle the urgent need for high-volume hires. They turned to Pontoon for assistance in scaling their airline talent operations, which expanded their MSP programme into the RXO space to fill their permanent openings. The scope was permanent cabin crew, grounds crew, and customer service as well as contingent and permanent IT experts who could upgrade their systems.

Pontoon was trusted with the task of solving our customer’s most prominent issues: reduced Human Resources and Talent Acquisitions capacity plus an unprecedented 50% turnover of IT associates.


How we helped

Activating the Adecco Group ecosystem

Pontoon’s MSP solution opened new talent markets for contingent roles by optimising the supply base to focus on remote workers. We shifted from experience-based to skill-based hiring, reducing cycle times and increasing throughput. We leveraged a third-party talent assessment platform that significantly improved the quality of candidates submitted to requisitions. This implementation also had a positive impact on the submit to interview ratio.

Despite initial challenges, our MSP programme achieved all KPIs and SLAs in 100%. Tapping the power of the Adecco Group ecosystem allowed us to fill 400 roles in only a few months. Both Akkodis and Adecco Middle East supported by filling a portion of the contract roles.

To fill our customer’s permanent roles, we leveraged Adecco, Akkodis, and LHH.

Akkodis created a dedicated delivery team which quickly gained steady momentum. Adecco launched the FAST START customer service ramp, which included a hiring event that attracted 5000 applicants. LHH redeployed a ready-made talent pool of cabin crew from another airliner going through a workforce layoff – an unparalleled advantage of leveraging an existing relationship.

With these partners in place, Pontoon delivered solution design, implementation, governance, technology, analytics, and sustainable customer experience management.


Architecting our customers' success

Pontoon’s ability to bring together the key players from across the Adecco Group enabled us to be the architect of our customer’s success.

We delivered all SLAs and KPIs for our customer’s MSP programme. We finalised a project directly from the Chief Technology Officer by responding to our customer’s pressing need for IT/tech roles. By focusing on remote workers and skill-based hiring, we reduced cycle times and quickly hired against the 400 open positions.

For the RXO programme, we leveraged Adecco to organise a hiring event for 5000 applicants. LHH gave us access to a talent pool of permanent airline workers. The talent pool proved vital within this solution and helped satisfy our customer’s talent needs.

The collaboration across the Adecco Group ecosystem ultimately helped us serve our customer better, meeting urgency and sustainability. Thanks to our efforts, Customer Experience transitioned from Passive to Promoter in under one year.


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