How we reorganised a client’s supply chain to maximise performance

How we reorganised a client’s supply chain to maximise performance


A case of contingent recruiting collaboration

Our client needed to optimise and restructure their MSP supplier pool. Pontoon streamlined the supply chain to identify new high-performing suppliers to meet the client’s requirements. The results? Through Pontoon’s strategic partnership with our sister brand Akkodis, we successfully enhanced our client’s supplier pool and quickly delivered quality talent.

The challenge

Supplier pool optimisation and restructuring

When our global financial services client signed a three-year MSP renewal with Pontoon, they wanted to focus on filling IT and tech-related contingent roles. This meant the client had to revamp their pool of supplier partners. Pontoon was tasked with overhauling the programme. We aimed to identify and onboard new high-performing suppliers capable of delivering on schedule and within budget.

How we helped

Creating the ideal delivery model

To meet the client’s requirements, Pontoon’s Procurement and Supplier Success team initiated a market-wide supplier partner search by issuing new RFIs and RFPs. Among the numerous contenders, we identified Akkodis, our sister brand specialising in IT and tech staffing, as a potential top performer.

Akkodis successfully participated in the RFI and RFP processes, meeting all the necessary criteria. Their ability to support specific client talent locations, assemble an experienced and agile team, and adapt to changing demands made them a compelling option. Through internal and client-facing meetings, Pontoon introduced Akkodis as a strong IT talent recruiting choice, and they were selected to become one of the seven new supplier partners for the account.

By partnering with Akkodis’ strategic account executives, business development managers, and delivery team, Pontoon coordinated a best-in-class service. Our joint efforts were aligned with the client’s business goals, ensuring a seamless transition and adjustment to shifting market demand. Biweekly calls between Pontoon and Akkodis were pivotal in maintaining clear communication and understanding client SLAs.

Akkodis dedicated new recruiters to work exclusively on our client’s account, handpicking top performers from the IT category. Additionally, the client, Pontoon, and Akkodis held regular check-ins at 30, 90, and 120-day intervals after go-live. This cadence ensured ongoing recruiting success, allowing all parties to meet programme SLAs and KPIs. Pontoon conducted resume review workshops that yielded a higher percentage of shortlisted Akkodis candidates. Our collaborative effort led to an increased number of candidate interview requests, ultimately resulting in better quality hires.


Improved supplier performance

As a result of the Pontoon and Akkodis collaboration:

  • Pontoon strengthened the revamped supply chain with a strong IT recruitment expertise
  • Akkodis delivered their first offer within just 21 days

Pontoon’s strategic partnership with Akkodis enabled us to optimise the client’s supplier pool, effectively meeting their IT and technical role requirements. We leveraged a collaborative approach and aligned our efforts to deliver quality talent within accelerated timeframes.

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