How we deployed AI-powered skill assessment & video interviews

How we deployed Glider AI’s skill assessments and video interviews for a client’s call centre


AI-powered skill assessment and video interview solution boosts hiring efficiency

Pontoon has been supporting our client’s call centre needs since programme inception. In 2019, we partnered with Glider AI to align skill assessments with the client’s requirements. In early 2022, the client’s managers presented the programme team with areas for improvement regarding the interview process. While the skills were now more closely aligned with the client’s needs, they were experiencing issues with in-person interview no-shows and reschedules. Pontoon replaced the inefficient in-person interview stage with video interviews. In this way, we eliminated the reschedule/no-show problem and reduced the time to offer by two business days on average.

The challenge

Skill-requirement mismatch & in-person interview no-shows

The quality of the customer’s hiring process was negatively impacted by a lack of match between applicants’ skills and job requirements. To address this challenge, we implemented Glider AI’s skill assessment solution. Three years after the solution was deployed, the client’s managers identified additional areas for improvement. They were experiencing high rates of in-person interview no-shows and reschedules.

How we helped

Streamlining hiring processes: Targeted skills assessments & video interviews

By leveraging Glider AI’s capabilities, we implemented enhanced targeted skills assessments, ensuring that the required skills are better gauged. We required all suppliers supporting the call centre to align with Glider AI. We also added a new supplier to increase the candidate pool. By organising bi-weekly touchpoint meetings, we ensured that position requirements and skill assessments were better aligned with the current market and that all involved parties were kept in an efficient communication loop.

Once the programme matured, Pontoon analysed the process steps. Since in-person interviews turned out to be the biggest roadblock, we partnered with the client and Glider AI to deploy video interviews. After passing the skills assessments, the candidates completed a video interview which the client then reviewed. This saved hundreds of hours annually, which would otherwise have to be invested in managing in-person interviews.

Additionally, to make the video interview more personalised and appealing, Pontoon partnered with the client and Glider AI to create a customised welcome video filmed on location by the client’s managers.


Accelerating the hiring process and winning customer’s trust

While in 2021–2022, the team had to conduct 277 in-person interviews, implementing video interviews allowed us to eliminate this step. As a result, the time to offer was reduced by two business days on average – from 17 to 15 business days.

As the client said:

“During the past year, we have seen tremendous improvement in the onboarding process by working with Pontoon.  The implementation of AI interviewing has resulted in an increase in applicants and a reduction in the time required to review and select candidates. We’ve also coordinated for improved communication with our vendors and revised the referral process, allowing us to focus on quality candidates and improved retention.  Overall, our partnership with Pontoon has created a very successful and streamlined process.” – Sr. Supervisor, Customer Care

Following the success, the client referred our services to another of their business units. To date, we have onboarded 162 call center representatives for this new customer from the client’s group, with release to offer averaging 11 days.

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