Pontoon Direct: Streamlined Solutions for You

Pontoon Direct

Are you ready to activate your talent?

Pontoon Direct provides a private employer-branded talent community of vetted candidates ready to work for you


Open positions are filled more quickly than traditional recruitment methods with Pontoon Direct.


Employer-branded talent communities are made up of proactively vetted quality candidates who are already interested in working at your company. Pontoon Direct connects you to those candidates. As a result you get:

Better Candidates
Proactively assessed secure and vetted candidates with prior experience.

Just In Time Hires
Talent rivers reach quality candidates when they are already looking, so you have access to ready-to-start talent.

A Candidate-Focused Experience
Which results in increased engagement, with a boost to your employer brand, even amongst contingent workers.

What can you expect from Pontoon Direct?

By using referrals, worker redeployment, and known workers, roles can be filled better and quicker than traditional recruitment methods

Access untapped talent

More quality candidates through new sourcing channels



Save on costs

Direct sourcing margins are typically much lower traditional staffing



Speed to talent

Talent communities are the answer to finding good talent fast by using your employer brand



Pontoon Direct case study

Our implementation of Pontoon Direct at our customer realised immediate savings when sourcing and hiring contingent talent.

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