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What IS services procurement?

Our services procurement solution brings visibility, compliance, efficiency and cost savings.

We enable our clients to effectively buy and manage their service engagements through optimisation of their procurement processes, policies, and technology within their overarching talent strategy.

Process efficiencies
Goal alignment
Exceptional eXperience
Analytics and benchmarking
Consultative approach

Process efficiencies

People expertise, global reach, OPEX, partner ecosystem and analytics. We combine them all to ensure you have the best talent when you need it.

Goal alignment

Companies opt for services procurement programs for different reasons. ​For some, it’s talent scarcity. For others, it’s reducing risk, or realising the best value procuring services alongside their supply chain.​


We understand how challenging these goals can be and we´re here to help you get the right work done.

Exceptional eXperience

Powered by our ecosystem, technology at the back end, talent and sourcing strategies, and customer-centric approach, we create an exceptional experience to our customers and their end-customers

Analytics and benchmarking

Access to critical data is key to making compelling decisions. Talk to our consultants and experts to explore concierge services in analytics and benchmarking – a first of its kind in the industry.

Consultative approach

We know that our customers are facing challenges in their effort to run an efficient services procurement program. We provide scenario analysis, decision trees, and setup policies and do not shy away from providing game-changing opinions.

We're here to transition the right work to the right resources



We are here to guide your SOW bid process. By transitioning the right work to the right resources, our team delivers consistency, increases visibility, and ensures compliance. This reduces risk through managing tactical tasks and frees up your customers’ teams for high-value projects.

Not sure where to start? Transaction management of project record administration through Pontoon is a natural place to start outsourcing your services procurement activities. 

Guide the buy

We use a consultative approach to help you with labor category identification to ensure the right channel is engaged to meet your needs.

Cost savings

We negotiate, forecast, and control rates to save on your costs

Start simple then scale

We simplify the process by off-loading administrative tasks and providing SOW template review and guidance while keeping your process consistent.

Data-driven decisions

We’ve got the data, systems, and capabilities to help you gain greater visibility into your external workforce.


In addition to the features of managing the bid, we provide vendor selection guidance, drive competitive bidding, and manage project scope to avoid scope creep, additional time, and costs.

This means you keep the benefits of managing the process, plus some. 

Increase efficiency

We provide vendor selection guidance and competitive bidding for your projects using our comprehensive library of supplier information and analytics to expedite the approval process. 

Delivery management

We plan, monitor, and execute operational processes to drive consistency and hold your suppliers accountable.

Cost control

With our cost control expertise and negotiation strategy, we ensure that you stay within your budget.

Business intelligence

By leveraging industry benchmarks and category insights, we help you make data-driven buying decisions


Our most complex offering provides execution of an agreed-upon sourcing strategy for human capital throughout the project lifecycle that focuses on category management to reduce risk, ensure compliance and capture enterprise-wide cost savings. 

Outsource the category focuses on portfolio management and executing the right strategy.

Demand planning

We are the category experts, delivering guaranteed control in managing your tasks, costs and schedule.

Strategic sourcing

We find the right suppliers, negotiate SOW terms, and implement a sourcing strategy that fits your business.

Increase profitability

We optimise ROI and improve vendor oversight to maximise your procurement spend.

Trusted partnership

We leverage best business practices and our industry experts to find the best values. The result? A trusted customer-focused partnership formed through their existing MSPs.

Case studies

Take a look at how we have partnered with our clients to create solutions for their contingent workforce.

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Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies

Is services procurement right for you?

Do you lack visibility, data and insights within your Services Procurement solution?

Is your Services Procurement missing clear milestones and deliverables?

Does it still take 3-4 days to compile right data and to make decisions in Services Procurement programs?