Achieving Key Results Within a Services Procurement Programme

Achieving Key Results Within a Services Procurement Programme


Designing a scalable solution

Our customer was in the midst of their digital transformation when they came to us for help in managing their growing workforce.

We already held a Services Procurement agreement with this customer which allowed us to quickly scale their workforce as needed.

The challenge

Preparing for significant transformation

Our customer planned to migrate from an omni-channel messaging model to a more digital product offering in addition to improving the range of products.

In order for us to deliver, a drastic increase in the number of IT resources they would need to successfully implement these changes was crucial to make this possible.

Our customer also wanted to rediscover themselves in terms of product strengths and their services offerings to remain as competitive as possible within their space.

Their final goal was to establish increased efficiencies after several acquisitions they had made over the past five years.

How we helped

Adjusting the supplier mix for strategic initiatives

We began by examining the existing supplier base and compared their performances to the roles that would need to be filled in the weeks and months ahead.

Once we discovered the right suppliers were not in place to serve our customer, we completely refreshed the supplier mix that was built on a tiered, scoring system.

This system enabled merit-based practices and produced the right results to meet customer-mandated metrics and job roles.

The new ecosystem of suppliers was now capable of hiring the right talent for our customer and competing with tech companies vying for similar talent.


Improved profitability and discovered cost savings

With an improved supplier mix and service fulfilment, our customer was able to increase profitability across all three of their strategic business units.

We recommended pre-emptive actions that would help our customer to remain competitive for months to come.

Due to the growth from our Services Procurement solution, our customer became one of the fastest-growing companies within their industry.

Most importantly, our customer realised a savings of ~ €3MM, strengthening their financial standing.

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