Pontoon Instinct - Workforce Strategy

Your workforce strategy is key to long-term success and talent attraction.

Our experts are ready to guide your strategy from any point in your journey. From market rate analysis to acquisition strategy and pre-IPO preparedness to redesigning your EVP, we can help.

Workforce Analysis and Worker Classification

Gain complete visibility across your workforce.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

A methodical approach to bringing talent into your organisation.

Pre-IPO and M&A Readiness

Ensure full compliance of your non-employed workforce ahead of IPOs, mergers and acquisitions.

Employer Value Proposition

Attract talent with a strong and trusted employer brand.

Salary & Rates Benchmarking

Stay competitive with market-aligned compensation.

Operational Excellence & Experience Design

Reach peak hiring performance with unmatched experience.

Case Studies and Thought Leadership

Take a look at how we partner with our clients to create innovative solutions for their workforce.

Thought Leadership
Case Studies
Case Studies