How we prepared our client for an upcoming IPO

How we prepared our client for an upcoming IPO


Addressing fragmented spend and compliance ahead of our client's IPO

Our client was preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and struggled with fragmented workforce spend and regulatory compliance. Also, their worker engagement was low, and it was difficult to pinpoint specifics for the lack of visibility into performance.

The challenge

Focusing on building a solid governance model

We had to support multiple workstreams to adequately prepare our client for the IPO from an organisational perspective. The initial focus was implementing a procurement and HRIS system and establishing a solid governance model.

How we helped

Standardising policies and digitising processes to mitigate risks

We built a unified governance structure by standardising policies, digitising processes and delegating ownership to a dedicated PMO.

Our team followed the steps below to mitigate legal and compliance risks during and after the IPO phase:

  • Implemented a dashboard that consolidated all external worker information to enable access to strategic and actionable data at any time.
  • Established proper governance through a dedicated team focused on monitoring and mitigating legal and compliance risks.
  • Boosted external worker quality by introducing centralised requisitions and approval processes, including a screening matrix.
  • Digitised processes for efficiency and ease.
  • Implemented a Vendor Management System (VMS) that gives complete visibility into client requirements and supplier quotes, thus impacting competition in the supply chain.

Successful IPO enabled through spend visibility and contained costs

Our team enabled the client to source, procure and manage external workers from vetted suppliers at competitive rates while keeping the organisation compliant. The achieved spend visibility and contained costs made our client organisation more attractive to investors as part of the IPO cycle.



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