How we mitigated our client’s risk exposure ahead of IPO

How we mitigated our client’s risk exposure ahead of IPO


Ensuring compliance critical for the success of our customer’s IPO

Our client was planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and needed to ensure compliance with labour regulations across their countries of operation. In addition, they struggled with rogue workforce spend and a fragmented supply base.

The challenge

Containing costs and enabling transparency as top priorities

When engaging Pontoon, the client had no visibility over spend and their external workforce. They needed a partner to help control the costs and ensure oversight of workers across locations. In addition, they needed transparency over labour and spend policies in each country.

How we helped

Designing a purposeful action plan

Pontoon’s consultants started with an in-depth analysis of our client’s situation to determine priorities and critical focus areas.

Based on the initial discovery, we put together the action plan, including a few key features:

  • We set up a support team per each of our client’s operational geographies, i.e. Latin America, North America, EMEA, APAC and India, enabling the labour market expertise of our regional resources.
  • We had an onsite consultant at key client locations to ensure we maintained direct communication and stayed ahead of the curve at every touchpoint.
  • We took on the role of a strategic advisor and shifted fulfilment efforts to the Master Vendor Provider (MVP) and Sole Source Country Suppliers, working closely with our client’s partners to ensure successful adoption.
  • We reviewed country-level finance mechanisms and proposed invoicing and settlement recommendations per country.

Successful IPO enabled through our regulatory and financial expertise

Pontoon’s consultative approach ensured our client was fully prepared for the IPO.

We enabled our customer’s external workforce oversight and fully mitigated their risk exposure.



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