Enabling a Media Company to Digitally Transform



Media industry executives recognise the importance of digital transformation in their industry – with 85% believing that digital technologies will enable cost transformation in both their technologies and marketing functions.

Our client – a European based media group – recognised this need for transforming their business. Their strategy to move from an omni-channel client messaging and management to a more digital product offering with various versions to market was underpinned by company-wide changes including many additions to their portfolio of products –making significant steps to move from a predominantly media company into a learning and media company.

With this company-wide transformation and several bolt-on acquisitions across the business in 2018, our client turned to Pontoon and our MSP and Services Procurement solutions in order to attract, engage and retain the right talent to drive these efforts forward.

Our Approach


As our client’s business mix evolved the talent needs also needed to evolve and be in line to drive the organisation-wide change. Pontoon’s supply chain currently stood at 80 active suppliers across our Total Talent solution which included MSP and Services Procurement programs.

These suppliers had been successful in the past media company our client was, but we found in many cases were not able to keep up with the transformation talent needs of the organisation of the future – one example was the need for mobile development and cloud expertise – a gap in the existing supply chain.

To address these gaps in the supply chain and build the future-ready supply chain that was needed Pontoon went to market with an RFx and began to identify and engage a new ecosystem of suppliers to bring into the program.

With these new suppliers on-boarded, Pontoon worked closely with them and our client to deliver an updated and strong EVP and go-to-market strategy that would attract and retain the tech talent in these European markets – changing the mindset of many tech workers that historically would look at tech giants as opposed to the opportunities in a media company.

The speed of change across the organisation was a critical component to our client’s transformation efforts. With this in mind, Pontoon streamlined the sourcing and hiring process across the program, using a tiering system across the supply chain, implementing a rate card, as well as tech-enabled processes through our VMS that gave clear communication and visibility channels across both the supply chain and the hiring managers.

Client Results


“2018 was another good year for our company. We improved our profitability in all three Strategic Business Units despite the challenging business environment in media. During the year, we also took pre-emptive actions to ensure we remain competitive in the months and years to come. Thanks to our solid financial position, growth returned to our agenda and we announced several acquisitions during the year. I am proud and grateful of the hard work and commitment that our teams have again shown.”
CEO of media group client

Pontoon’s transformation of the MSP and Services Procurement supply chains, engagement of the tech worker market and speed of change has allowed the client to take significant steps on their growth path of moving past a predominantly media company and stay competitive in their markets.

The cost savings realised through our transformed Total Talent solution of close to 3 million euros has been able to be reinvested in the client’s transformation efforts further cementing the partnership we have built over the last several years.