How we used Glider AI to combat candidate fraud for a financial services client

How we used Glider AI to combat candidate fraud for a financial services client


A case of candidate fraud

Our multinational financial services MSP client required a significant number of skilled technical contractors to be recruited remotely. However, with the surge in demand for tech talent, remote hiring resulted in a rise in candidate fraud. To combat this issue, we implemented Glider AI as a screening tool to identify and mitigate suspicious behaviour and security risks. As a result, the number of fraudulent applicants decreased, enabling our client to use their time more effectively on qualified candidates.

The challenge

Reducing risk with a remote interviewing solution

As our client shifted to remotely hiring contract labour, they encountered an increasing number of fraudulent candidates. Some interviewees, who passed assessments and phone screenings, turned out unsuitable for the role. As such, conducting phone/video interviews proved insufficient and posed a significant threat to our client’s security. Moreover, it resulted in a waste of precious resources, including time and money. Pontoon was called upon to address this issue. We needed to reduce instances of candidate fraud, ensuring only validated and qualified applicants moved forward in the interview process.

How we helped

Deploying AI to screen and prequalify at scale

The on-site Pontoon team was integral to the Glider AI implementation and go-live process. We worked directly with the client, supplier partners, and the Glider AI team, hosting town hall meetings to provide expectations/requirements and train the Pontoon internal team and client hiring managers on best practices.

Candidates were screened pre-submittal via Glider AI’s skill assessment software. AI proctoring and facial recognition tracked suspicious behaviours like screen sharing, copy/pasting, and internet browsing. Glider AI calculated a cheating probability score at the end of each assessment. Suppliers could review the scores and ensure that candidates with no “red flags” were delivered to hiring managers upon shortlisting.

This allowed the manager to review the complete picture of the candidate, guaranteeing the interviewed candidate was the same that showed up throughout the entire hiring lifecycle.


Maximising time with qualified candidates

By applying Glider AI recruiting technology, we successfully identified and prevented approximately 23% of interested candidates from progressing to the interview stage due to fraudulent activities. Thanks to the decrease in the number of fraudulent applicants, our client could dedicate more time and resources towards screening and interviewing qualified candidates.


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