How we built a total talent solution for a global financial services customer

How we built a total talent solution for a global financial services customer


A case of full-time attrition

Our global financial services MSP client struggled to retain full-time talent due to market instability. They needed a total talent attraction and retention programme to support core technology skill groups. We created a customised and scalable contract-to-hire solution, resulting in over 300 offers in only nine months.

The challenge

Building a contract-to-hire programme

After completing an internal resignation analysis and identifying the need for a more sustainable and timely talent solution, the customer asked Pontoon to create a programme supporting their vision. We needed to build a customised solution that embodied a mix of RPO and the existing MSP programme to help our client hire ahead of attrition.

The solution needed to strengthen talent attraction efforts ahead of FTE attrition and adapt to changing market conditions and business needs.

How we helped

Implementing a hybrid talent solution

The Pontoon team began by developing a fully scalable, sustainable, and successful operating model which focused on three core goals of our client: quality, quantity, and speed of delivery.

To stand up the project, we worked with the client to implement key action steps for the new operating model, including:

  1. Identifying skill groups, participating supplier partners, and hiring locations – divided skill groups into functional quadrants and visualised successful outcomes via data analysis
  2. Customising rate cards – built new rate cards specific to the programme through regional market analysis, mitigating cost risk, and determined the most competitive rates by location
  3. Enhancing EVP – created a supplier-facing one-pager to be used during the recruitment process; the one-pager outlined candidate benefits of working for our client
  4. Process mapping – built a framework for the new solution, providing a three-pronged approach focusing on the hiring manager, candidate, and supplier experience
  5. Governance modelling – provided key action touchpoints throughout the recruitment lifecycle and used AI interviewing technology to reduce the risk of candidate fraud

A consistent and scalable talent pipeline

We generated over 300 offers in nine months for various roles such as application development, quality assurance, agile and highly specialised technology roles. With this total talent solution, Pontoon reduced the overall supplier recruitment cycle time by providing client technology teams with pre-qualified candidates. Due to the new programme’s success, our client expanded these services into their existing MSP programme offering. We continue to optimise and scale our efforts based on business needs.

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