How we seamlessly transitioned resources while saving costs and ensuring compliance for a UK MSP customer

How we seamlessly transitioned resources while saving costs and ensuring compliance for a UK MSP customer


A case of transitioning an MSP programme

After their recent acquisition, our global financial technology customer needed help transitioning resources from a competitor’s UK MSP programme to Pontoon, avoiding any business disruption. Within six months from go-live, we successfully transitioned and onboarded all resources, maintaining compliance and introducing several new time and money-saving initiatives.

The challenge

Managing a quick and compliant onboarding process

In 2020, our existing customer acquired a UK payment processing company with 250 local resources who were managed under a separate MSP programme.

During the acquisition, our customer experienced challenges around tracking this new group of contingent workers across the UK. Information was scattered in multiple systems, with various processes across numerous locations in the UK. This presented an opportunity to improve the worker experience by introducing consistency, process efficiency and clear communication to the impacted groups.

Managing our customer’s UK MSP, replacing an outdated VMS, and switching resource payment models were all top priorities.

Our customer also wanted to introduce a direct sourcing programme and background screening for new hires, which would have increased the offer to start date onboarding time by over three weeks.

How we helped

Establishing a quick and efficient transition

We started by building trust and strong relationships in critical areas of our customer’s UK business.

Our experienced project team consisted of implementation specialists, solution designers, seasoned programme leaders and support from supplier partners and VMS experts. They identified key milestones and implemented a strategic communication plan based upon agreed timelines and expectations for the transition.

The team conducted cost impact and analysis studies on UK resources and led informative workshops for each stakeholder group. With an emphasis on collaboration, delivery, and meeting programme SLAs, we successfully organised and transitioned all resources – benefiting the customer in the following ways:

  • Increased visibility and tracking capacities of UK resources
  • Improved user experience by maximising efficiencies and reducing onboarding times
  • Time-saving and streamlined communication channels for each stakeholder group
  • Curated roadshows and workshops helped new acquisitions adapt quickly to company culture
  • Updated 200+ assignments within the new VMS, synchronising scattered processes and tracking all customer resources under one system

Time savings and programme expansion

Ultimately, the team successfully transitioned over 200 people. Pontoon switched 100% of newly acquired resources from an LTD (limited liability) compliance set up to an IR35 compliant PAYE model four months from go-live.

In the UK, the programme saw an increase in fill rate: 40% the first year, 55% the second year and for the past five years, averaging around 60-70% of all roles filled by a direct sourcing team. Our background screening efficiency reduced cycle time by almost nine days.

We now support an expanded UK-based programme across 15 countries in EMEA.


“During the peak of Covid and lockdown, this was a mammoth exercise and challenge which required strategic partnering across both organisations to meet deadlines and deliver successfully.”

Ashley Mayes – Client Services Director – Pontoon


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