How we used AI to hire hundreds of tech roles in nine days

How we used AI to hire hundreds of tech roles in nine days


Fill roles in a talent scarce market

Our financial services customer faced challenges filling their technical roles quickly.

Advanced skillsets, particularly in the IT and engineering field, were hard to find and qualify in today’s talent-scarce market.

The challenge

Creating a solution to assess capabilities and ensure accuracy

The customer did not have proper skills assessment processes in place to validate candidate skills or identity.

They needed a technology solution to assess the candidate’s capabilities and ensure applicant accuracy.

How we helped

Implementing a customised dashboard

Our close partnership with the tech vendor’s team allowed us to create a customised, customer-specific dashboard for our MSP team.

Our customers’ openings could be filled much more quickly with the dashboard by ensuring all submitted candidates met the role requirements.

Once implemented, the assessment tool:

  • Created 25-30 assessments specific to our customer’s roles
  • Used eye-tracking software to ensure test integrity
  • Qualified talent through a scoring system
  • Validated candidate identity
  • Automatically ruled in/ruled out candidates
  • Performed quality assurance through live-video options

Hundreds of roles filled within weeks

The tool made it easy to quickly qualify and assess top talent, which helped hire candidates faster than the competition.

400 open full-stack engineering roles were filled within six weeks.

175 Java developers were hired within nine days.

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