How we leveraged AI to quickly identify and onboard contingent workers

How we leveraged AI to quickly identify and onboard contingent workers


Automating the talent acquisition process

Our MSP client, a global technology company, needed to source quickly and onboard 200 contractors during the busy holiday season. With the help of Glider AI assessment technology and a dedicated team of Pontoon demand planning experts, we saved time by successfully bypassing the traditional interview process and filling all roles within two weeks. As a result, time to fill decreased, and candidate quality increased, leading to improved hiring manager satisfaction.

The challenge

High-volume hiring in a short time frame

Our client asked us to bulk-hire 200 administrative workers based on seasonal demand. We needed to hire quickly, working as a team to meet client demand. Preparing supplier partners to assess candidates promptly and efficiently while automating a comprehensive interview process was a high priority.

How we helped

Strategic talent demand planning leveraging AI technology

To ensure success, we worked with the client to plan and prepare for their future hiring need, maximising contractor potential by utilising time and resources effectively.

Given the workers needed and the quick turnaround, we persuaded the client to leverage the Glider AI assessment tool, prequalifying and confirming each candidate. The Pontoon team, led by programme coordinators and consultants, implemented the tool and managed the hiring process. This included meeting daily critical tasks, verifying worker compliance checks, and sharing process changes with supplier partners.

With the AI assessment tool, we could bypass the traditional interview process, saving time by matching worker skillsets to role qualifications. Candidates that met score thresholds and passed compliance checkpoints circumvented the interview process. Based on the outcomes of the assessment, offers of employment were extended. Our team won over hesitant hiring managers unsure of using AI bots to screen, select and qualify talent.


Decreased time to fill and reduced candidate attrition

We onboarded 200 supplier-identified candidates in less than four weeks, decreased time to fill and reduced candidate attrition by 25%, saving a significant amount of time for hiring managers.

Additionally, our results led to the creation of a four-person Pontoon team dedicated to working with the client to evolve hiring processes using AI modelling.

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