How we optimised a multi-site MSP for a French customer

How we optimised a multi-site MSP for a French customer


A case of MSP optimisation

Our French customer, a major manufacturer of luxury motor yachts, needed a talent partner to manage their contingent labour programme, hiring 600 temporary workers annually. We implemented our MSP solution, improving time to fill while reducing worker turnover.

The challenge

Standardising the hiring process

Pontoon needed to create and implement a new MSP programme and improve time to fill. This required developing talent pools with suppliers in nine customer locations and ensuring compliance with local labour laws. Roles had to be filled for manufacturing operators with specific expertise in carpentry, plumbing, draping, and moulding.

Also, our customer asked Pontoon to manage all supplier performance, including establishing new SLAs and KPIs, enabling worksites to increase visibility into spend and to hire quickly.

How we helped

HR support and supplier management

We went to work setting up an onsite team of six contingent talent experts strategically positioned at each customer location. Being close to suppliers and onsite staff, our team could observe current supply chain processes and identify areas of improvement.

To combat skills shortages in the local market, Pontoon’s advisory team deployed active sourcing protocols, helping supplier partners improve performance – hosting community events and job forums around yachting and water sports to attract skilled workers.

We created a more efficient interview process. Our project manager’s conducted face-to-face onsite interviews with each candidate sent by the suppliers to ensure fit and compliance. Due to these efforts, we accelerated our customer recruitment efforts while reducing turnover by sharing quality and performance indicators with key stakeholders during steering committee meetings.


A time-saving talent solution

We have significantly reduced average worker turnover from 12% to 8% in 6 months. Our efforts, aimed at streamlining supply chain and improving supplier partner operations, reduced time to fill by 12 days.

To date, Pontoon has facilitated the fulfilment of 90% of all open programme requisitions, and 100% of active supplier contracts remain in compliance with local legislation.

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