Hiring contingent workers in the UK

Hiring contingent workers in the UK


Smart collaborative solutions for contingent workforce

When a major global bank needed a flexible and cost-effective way to hire contingent workers, we stepped in with a smart solution. By teaming up with Adecco UK, we created a Managed Service Programme (MSP) that perfectly fits the client’s needs.

The challenge

Co-creating a first-generation MSP programme

Our prospective client wanted a strong temporary labour programme that would simplify the process of hiring contingent workers. Above all, they wanted to ensure all rules were followed, make improvements, and cut costs. To tackle this challenge, we leveraged the power of the Adecco Group.

With our expertise in managing MSP programmes, we worked closely with Adecco UK to build a brand-new MSP solution. This combined Adecco’s strengths in candidate sourcing and candidate care with Pontoon’s unique skills in managing and advising on Managed Service Provider programmes.

How we helped

Pontoon and Adecco join forces to hire contingent workers

We brought together a team from both Adecco and Pontoon, including experts in design, sales, pricing, and finance.

This teamwork allowed us to create a unified temp talent strategy. We integrated the contingent worker recruiting strength of Adecco with our MSP advisory and governance capabilities.

Client benefits include:

  • Centralised management: Our MSP programme offers strong central management, ensuring fast growth and high-quality service.
  • Increased flexibility: The programme allows for rapid scaling up or down based on client and market demands.
  • First-class sourcing and candidate care: By carefully selecting candidates and delivering excellent candidate care, we make sure the hiring process is smooth and enjoyable.
  • Simplified communication: With a single point of contact, any issues are quickly resolved, and additional resources can be deployed as needed.
  • Innovative governance: Our unified approach encourages innovation and quick adaptation, keeping the programme aligned with client goals.

Better business outcomes with enhanced client experience

Launching in December 2023, Pontoon’s partnership with Adecco UK highlights the power of collaboration within the Adecco Group.

Our success in creating a reliable temporary labour solution is clear as our banking client considers expanding into new regions and adding new components, such as SOW (Statement of Work). As such, this MSP programme not only meets the client’s needs but also sets the stage for future growth and innovation.

In sum, by working with Adecco UK, we delivered a flexible, cost-effective MSP solution that improves the hiring process, ensures compliance, and reduces costs. Our combined approach guarantees better business outcomes and a superior client experience, showcasing the strength of the Adecco Group.


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