Improving candidate experience with enhanced technology

Improving candidate experience with enhanced technology


Collaboration across the Adecco Group ecosystem

Our UK-based MSP investment banking client prioritised candidate experience in their high-volume programme with complex onboarding and post-offer engagement. Pontoon streamlined and automated these processes within a “one team” Adecco Group ecosystem and used a direct sourcing model. The outcome? A more efficient client experience and an enhanced, interactive candidate platform.

The challenge

Repairing a siloed onboarding process for an elevated candidate experience

The onboarding process had room for improvement despite being adequate. Candidate feedback from surveys revealed frustration. New contractors disliked multiple handoffs during onboarding, such as with background checks, contract issuing, and payroll queries. Both candidate and client journeys needed enhancement. Pontoon was tasked with revamping the onboarding process, automating key features to provide a first-class experience for all stakeholders.

How we helped

Coordination of people and automated onboarding solution

Working directly with the Adecco UK Career Centre in Keele, Pontoon looked to automate the contingent labour onboarding process without losing the benefits of the human touch.

We revolutionised the post-offer candidate journey by consolidating multiple systems into an automated service called “MyPontoon.” This innovative solution, developed through Adecco Group brand collaborations with subject matter experts, streamlined the onboarding process and enhanced scalability and agility for peak campaign hiring. Thanks to our dedicated team, candidates enjoyed an optimal experience throughout onboarding and ongoing assignments.

Technology upgrades and process changes included:

  • Customisable “Connect” CRM. Allowed for streamlined management of candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, up to the offer stage. The set-up permitted candidate offers to be processed via a secure system with less risk of error and better regulatory governance. Candidates own their profiles where they can see all relevant docs, communications, and updates regarding their assignments.
  • Meet and engage chatbot. When candidates had a query – whether pre, during or post-assignment – “Athena” helped with a wide range of FAQs such as onboarding, contract queries, pay questions, and timesheets, as well as offering ongoing support.
  • Interactive verification. Candidates received a link to record themselves on video, verifying the potential worker’s identity and removing any risk of candidate fraud. They would then submit their onboarding docs so that Pontoon and supplier partners could verify docs quickly and the client could conduct video interviewing through the tech tool. This removed disruptions and possible compliance issues during remote hiring.
  • Accurate client data reporting. Available to client site teams, reports showed the live status of candidate onboarding, contract extensions etc.

Improved candidate onboarding and client experience

Thanks to Adecco UK and Pontoon’s combined resources and technology, candidates enjoyed a single point of contact throughout their engagement. This included onboarding, background screening, contract issuing, extensions, queries, and post-commencement care. Additionally, all directly sourced candidates could access their “connect profile” anytime to review and update assignment information and status in one place.

Our client benefited from reduced onboarding time, an improved Customer Experience score and a more streamlined contingent labour hiring process. Since candidate expectations continue to shift, significant opportunities remain for the Pontoon team to evolve and update the hiring model based on emerging technologies and client demand.

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