How we reimagined an MSP programme for a UK bank to save time and money

How we reimagined an MSP programme for a UK bank to save time and money


A case of programme stability

Our long-term MSP customer, a British retail and commercial bank needed a programme overhaul. Pontoon provided the necessary expertise, stability and security while the customer underwent dramatic changes in its MSP and VMS structure. Ultimately, we implemented a new VMS and expanded our staff augmentation services. The result was significant savings in time and cost, plus we created a sustainable business-as-usual status in only four weeks.

The challenge

Programme instability switching MSP and VMS providers

Pontoon ran an integrated MSP programme for our customer in the UK. A strategic business decision was made to change MSP service providers – we began our exit process with a scheduled handover date.

After struggling with implementation challenges, the new MSP provider failed to launch the programme. The customer returned to the market, and Pontoon was re-awarded the UK MSP and invited to tender for additional categories.

After winning the business, we needed to migrate the existing VMS and work with current supplier partners to hire 1300 additional workers. Process and technology changes created unrest among critical stakeholders – Pontoon saw an opportunity to bring stability and consistency back to the contingent hiring process.

How we helped

Deploying a new VMS and securing the programme

We worked with the customer and their existing technology consultant to implement Beeline VMS. These efforts centralised all categories of contingent labour, increasing customer visibility and tracking capabilities.

Pontoon’s team opened new engagement channels to reach potential candidates and source talent for the new areas we took over. Our specialists created customised video advertising campaigns and a digital newsletter for internal stakeholders, which enhanced programme awareness and improved recruiting efforts. Our improvements helped to reduce candidate screening time, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive consistency of service throughout the programme.


Improving customer satisfaction through time reduction and cost savings

Within 12 months of a five-year contract extension, the customer realised significant programme enhancements and time and cost savings, including:

  • Improved contractor NPS score by 36 points
  • Reduced time to offer from 15 to 9 days
  • Reduced screening time from 11 to 6 days on average
  • Reduced CV to offer ratio from 11:1 to 3:1
  • Annualised cost saving per head – £128 in change worker category
  • Annualised cost saving per head – £5048 within the IT and Engineering worker category
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